Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Friday, July 10, 2020

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM The Exodus Revealed Search for the Red Sea Crossing N/A
01:30 AM Gospel Outreach Directors on the Front Lines Lonnie Melashenko
02:00 AM Healing for your Mind, Body & Spirit Part 1

Mike and Rene Lemon with Nadine Plummer

02:30 AM Steps To Life Australia Growing Healthy Food for Healthy People Rod Bailey
03:45 AM The Unhindered Gospel Reality Check Daniel Pel
04:30 AM Practical Truth for Our Days The Hebrew Sanctuary Pt3 Eugene Prewitt
05:00 AM Time of Trouble Talks Great White Throne Steve Wohlberg
05:30 AM Be Found In Him Justified Pr Sam Braga
06:30 AM Be Found In Him The Greatest Battle Pr Sam Braga
07:00 AM The Whole Truth In the World or of the World 2 Ps Chris Buttery
07:30 AM Moody Science Classics Signposts Aloft Dr Irwin A Moon
08:00 AM In the Footsteps of Paul The Mystery Solved Tony Moore
08:45 AM Revelations Ancient Discoveries Revelation Unmasks the Cult Deception

Mark Finley

09:45 AM Science of Overcoming Sin Part 3 of 6 David Shin
10:30 AM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor Honor Within the Family Doug Batchelor
11:00 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs Unmasking the Mark of the Beast Pt 1 Rafferty & Myers
11:30 AM Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism Gaining Decisions for Christ Carissa McSherry
12:30 PM Indepth Bible Study Indepth Bible Study Walter Veith
01:30 PM Prophetic Certainty The Seventh Husband Tim Rumsey
02:30 PM Better Life Today Stories of Faith Douglas Garcia
03:00 PM Classic Sermons Is Baptism Really Necessary - Pt 2 Joe Crews
03:30 PM Let's Cook Together Oriental Dishes Jeff & Nancy Riedesel
04:00 PM Kid's Time Lepers Brenda Walsh
04:30 PM Music's Role in Character Building Music's Role in Character Building Derrol Sawyer
05:15 PM Mark of the Beast With Dustin Pestlin Dustin Pestlin
06:00 PM Sabbath School Study Hour Making Friends for God Ps Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
07:00 PM The Incredible Journey The Soldiers Uniform Gary Kent
07:30 PM New Heart Revival Our Crucial Need For The Holy Spirit Doug Batchelor
08:30 PM Healthy Living Cancer & Inflammation Margot Marshall
09:00 PM Lightning from Heaven The Last Link of Sympathy Kameron DeVasher
09:45 PM Testimony Conrad Adverum
10:15 PM The Path Back to God's Throne The Real War Clayton Leinneweber
11:15 PM Adventist Frontier Missions The Susu Chronicles Pt1 N/A