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Daily Schedule for Monday, June 17, 2019

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Babylon Rising Mystery and Mayhem John Bradshaw
01:00 AM The Good The Bad and The Positively Confusing You Do What You Eat Jennifer White
01:45 AM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
02:00 AM Revelation Now The Mark of the Beast Ps Jac Colon
03:00 AM Common Sense Health Series Diabetes and Weight Loss Part 1 Barbara O'Neill
04:00 AM Battles of Faith The Science of the Tamid Atonte & Ivor Myers
04:30 AM Gods Answer to Modern Atheism The External Evidence Wes Peppers
06:00 AM 3ABN - Free Indeed Highlights Ps CA Murray
06:30 AM Light of Prophecy Pilgrims Parables Michael Avaylon
07:00 AM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor Surviving the Great Tribulation Doug Batchelor
07:30 AM Kid's Time The Lost Coin Brenda Walsh
08:00 AM Prophecy Encounter LIVE My Testimony Doug Batchelor
09:00 AM Testimonies Testimony: Dean Cullinane Dean Cullinane
09:30 AM Cook 30 Season 2 Italian Tomato Pasta & Salads Jeremy Dixon
10:00 AM His Harvest Films Just Ask Nathan Mitchell
11:00 AM The Prophetic Code 1000 Years Lyle Southwell
12:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery Life Beyond the Bars Cheri Peters
01:00 PM Battles of Faith The Science of the Tamid Atonte & Ivor Myers
01:30 PM Healthy Living Caffeine - Do I Really Need It Margot Marshall
02:00 PM Sword of the Spirit Israel Land Myth Steve Wohlberg
02:30 PM Family Seasons Wise Words for Families Doug Batchelor
03:30 PM The Incredible Journey Torn Apart Gary Kent
04:00 PM Kid's Time - Tiny Tots Sharing Aunty Linda
04:30 PM Laymen Ministries Michael McCaffrey Interview Part 2 Jeff Reich
05:00 PM Prophetic Secrets of the NWO Globalization's Religious Aims Hal Meyer
06:00 PM Most Important Questions How About My Body? Doug Batchelor
07:00 PM Laymen Ministries Last Frontier - Vanuatu 2010 Jeff Reich
07:30 PM Give Me the Bible Babylon Kenneth Cox
08:30 PM Gods Final Call Son vs Sun Mark Woodman
09:30 PM Salvation in Symbols & Signs Overview of Revelation Rafferty & Myers
10:00 PM 3ABN - 5 Days Stop Smoking Day 4 Dr Arthur Weaver
11:00 PM Is The Reformation Finished Metal Men & Flying Lions Tim Rumsey
11:30 PM Thunder in the Holy Land Unmasking the Antichrist Charles Byrd