Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Weekly Schedule for Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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A Day With the King
Adventist Frontier Missions
Amazing Adventures
Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism
Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor
Amazing Prophecies
Anchor School of Theology
Anchors Of Truth 23 - Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready
Answers In Genesis
BTMV Ministry
Battles of Faith
Be Found In Him
Better Life Today
Celebrating Life in Recovery
Classic Sermons
Faith Over Flesh
Gods Final Call
Gods Prophetic Chain
Good News Health
Healing for your Mind, Body & Spirit
Healthy Living
Here I Stand
How to Stay on Fire
In the Footsteps of Paul
Indepth Bible Study
Is Heaven for Real
It Is Written
Janice's Attic
Joseph Part 1
Joseph Part 2
Kid's Time
Kids' Time Praise
Kingdom Come
Last Day Events Report
Let's Cook Together
Lightning from Heaven
Moments of Peace
Moody Science Classics
Native New Health
New Heart Revival
Nutrient Connection
Practical Truth for Our Days
Prophetic Certainty
Quo Vadis
Receiving the Word
Revelation Speaks Hope
Revelation of Hope
Revelation of Jesus Christ - Revelations From God's Throne
Revelation of Jesus Christ - Three Angel's Messages
Revelations Ancient Discoveries
Sabbath School Study Hour
Salvation in Symbols & Signs
Science of Overcoming Sin
Steps To Life Australia
Steps to Christ in Song
Steps to Life
The Good The Bad and The Positively Confusing
The Incredible Journey
The Key of the Gospel
The Path Back to God's Throne
The Preparation Ministry One Off
The Prophetic Code
The Roots of Truth
The Unhindered Gospel
The Whole Truth
Thunder in the Holy Land
Time of Trouble Talks
Tiny Tots for Jesus
Trump Kneeling at Shrine
Where is God When I Suffer?
Wonders Without Number
Your Bible Questions Answered