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13 Week Course on Firstlight TV
Presented by Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE)

Gain powerful keys for personal evangelism and become a confident and effective
soul-winner for Jesus Christ!


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13 episodes in the series.
We will show one episode per week.

Starts Sabbath 4 May at 2:00pm
and repeats Sundays at 7:30pm
Tuesdays at 8:00am
Wednesdays at 12:45am
Thursdays at 10:15pm


Containing the following thirteen topics
01 - Divine Commission - Carissa McSherry
02 - Christ's Method Alone - Chuck Holtry
03 - Our Greatest Need - Doug Batchelor
04 - The Evangelism Cycle - Jean Ross
05 - Friendship Evangelism Part 1 - Carissa McSherry
06 - Friendship Evangelism Part 2 - Carissa McSherry
07 - Giving the Bible Studies Part 1 - Chuck Holtry
08 - Giving the Bible Studies Part 2 - Chuck Holtry
09 - Answering Objections - Doug Batchelor
10 - Gaining Decisions for Christ - Carissa McSherry
11 - The Gospel Presentation - Marshall McKenzie
12 - Nurturing New Believers - Marshall McKenzie
13 - Reclaiming Missing Members - Jean Ross

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This 13-week lesson book will help you gain maximum benefit from the course. It is also excellent for personal devotions, Bible study groups, and Church outreach training.
174 practical pages.

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