Video Streaming

Tip: If you don't get Firstlight streaming below you might need to change the firewall settings on your computer.
It may take a few minutes for the stream to load - please be patient! 
If you are trying to get Firstlight's TV stream on your phone or tablet, please check out the info below the viewer box.


If the Firstlight stream doesn't load up on your smart phone or tablet from the viewer box above, you can watch Firstlight TV from the Global Family Network - please try this link.

Firstlight's TV stream is also available on the Giniko Faith TV website. 
You can sign up to GINIKO Faith TV - it is free to join - and from there you can watch Firstlight's live stream very easily on your phone, your tablet or your computer and...yay! can also rewind and watch the last three days of programming that have played on Firstlight!  This is very helpful for those times when you might have missed the beginning of a program and when you just want to watch a program you saw on Firstlight all over again.

Via Giniko Faith TV, Firstlight is available on Roku, Amazon fire TV, Google play, Android TV and on Apple's iOS TV - on all smart TVs and streaming devices, mobile phones and tablets - plus you can rewind back and and watch the last three days of programming!