Bank Details & More Info

      Name of Bank: Kiwibank Limited
  Branch: Papakura, Auckland
  Account Number: 38-9012-0576921-01
    As the Reference: 
Please put your last name in first, followed by a comma, and then your first name or your initials.  If you know your Firstlight Donor number, please put this in as well.
  • By simply walking into any Kiwibank and making a DEPOSIT to Firstlight. (Please use the above account details)
  • Or by going into your own bank and asking the bank teller to make a payment to Firstlight or asking them to set up a regular automatic payment to Firstlight.
  • By phoning us on our free-to-call number (0508-347-7854) to make a payment by Credit card or Debit card. 
Our Treasurer will then process your donation for you and you will receive an email which confirms that your donation has been processed exactly according to your wishes. 
Any of these methods can be used to partner with Firstlight in order to keep your favourite TV station on air!

Thank you once again and bless you for wanting to support Firstlight Broadcasting Network!

Further Info:
Thank you letters/receipts for donations received are emailed or posted monthly. If you have not had a notification by the 15th of the month following the month when you made your donation, this would normally indicate that we do not have any contact details for you on file!  In these instances, please make contact with us to ensure we have your correct details in our database.
At the end of the financial tax year, everyone who has made a donation to Firstlight Charitable Trust, (of an amount greater than $5), will be sent a special 'Tax Exemption Claim' receipt.  This is a summary of all the donations made to Firstlight from the 1st April 2016 to the 31st March 2017.  This special receipt complies with government regulations.