Giniko Faith TV

Firstlight on the Go...

Now you can watch Firstlight on any device, anytime and anywhere in the world!!


Through your computer, smart TVs or streaming device 

Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, Android TV or Apple iOS.



It used to be free to join but now there is a small fee.

You need is to create an account with your personal email address and password.



Missed a program?
Catch up on Giniko!

On Giniko Faith TV you can watch any program you've missed more than three days after it played live on Firstlight! 
This is definitely a big advantage if you've missed a program or for those times when you might have started watching a program part way through.



How to Start:

Click on the Sign Up button on their home page and you will be taken to a page to create your personal account or, if you are already a member, just scroll down until you find the Firstlight TV logo.
Use your personal account to log in and that is all there is to it. .

So now the screen you are looking at shows you the live TV as it is, but as well, you can click on a different day (at the bottom of your screen) and choose another time.

There is one catch with the time...since Giniko is an American-based company, the times shown are USA EST Time so a little conversion is needed as we are 16 hours AHEAD of USA Eastern Time. Therefore you need to take 16 hours off the time the program played on Firstlight to find the right time to watch the replay on Giniko.

If it is a past program you wish to watch, find the date and time by scrolling left or right on the bottom part of the screen - the recorded programs are grouped in 1 hour sessions so if it was a shorter or longer program you may need to click on the 1 hour sessions and search for it. This also applies if the program started at quarter past or quarter to the hour.

We know you will enjoy this new facility on GINIKO Faith TV!