Frequently Asked Questions

What is Firstlight's Mission?

The Firstlight channel shares the good news of Jesus Christ into every home in New Zealand. Going into places previously untouched by God's message and connecting with those who may have never set foot inside a church. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Firstlight broadcasts messages of hope; clear and concise explanations from God’s word that leave no room for error or compromise. Offering a place of safety and refuge where people can come to understand who God really is and be drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

What are the beliefs of Firstlight?

Our statement of faith can be found here

What type of programs are being broadcast?

We aim to broadcast the best selection of ground breaking Christian programs sourced from Amazing Facts, It Is Written, Secrets Unseaed, Amazing Discoveries and other international and local sources as content becomes available.

While our programmes will be based on Christian principles, we believe the programme topics will be of great interest to the general public and not just limited to a Christian audience.

Programme topics include: Bible prophecy, archaeology, healthy cooking demonstrations, recovery from addictions, understanding the creation vs. evolution debate, appreciating God’s creation through nature, dealing with common physical and mental health issues, children’s programmes, insights into Bible scripture, inspiring sermons, historical documentaries, music and singing. Because of the financial support from our partners like you, the channel is free from commercial advertising.

How can I help support this project?

Whatever amount you are able to contribute on a regular basis will keep your Firstlight channel on air; reaching into homes and hearts that may never have been exposed to God’s message of truth and love.

Firstlight Charitable Trust is able to accept donations and issue tax deductible receipts. Simply choose the donation method easiest for you - bank deposit, credit card, direct debit, or cheque. Please visit our donation page for more information.

Thank you for your loving support and prayers…

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”
Matthew 24:14

How do I make a complaint?

If you believe Firstlight has aired a program that has breached the Broadcasting Standards, you can make a formal complaint by writing to us or emailing us.  This Email link specifies the information you need to provide.  If you wish to simply voice your opinion or make a more general complaint, please use our Contact page.

How can I get involved?

Help spread the word about Firstlight!

Ask us for some flyers that you can distribute and share with your family, friends and neighbourhood.  (0508 347 785)
  • Join the prayer team ​
  • Setup a regular donation
  • Keep in touch via the mailing list
  • Join a volunteer team
  • Spread the word Fundraise
  • Send us your own nature videos
  • Provide your own local content

How do I tune in?

The Firstlight channel broadcasts on the Freeview terrestrial network (Freeview|HD). All you need is a regular UHF antenna on your roof and a Freeview capable TV or set-top decoder box. These can be easily purchased from major electronics retailers around NZ. More information can be found on our tune-in page or at the Freeview website: www.freeviewnz.tv. In some coverage areas an indoor antenna (rabbit ears) may be sufficient to receive the new digital signal. The Firstlight channel will be on Sky TV and Freeview satellite when further funding permits.

How to tune in to Firstlight

I already have Freeview|HD installed:

Most Freeview decoders and TVs will automatically find new channels as they become available.  So to tune in, simply select channel 26 on your remote control and Firstlight should be there.  If not, go into setup mode on your decoder box or TV and have it re-scan to find any new channels.  After a re-scan, Firstlight should appear on channel number 26.

I have a UHF antenna on my roof:

You will need a Freeview|HD (terrestrial) decoder box or a new flat screen television with built-in decoder.  (Most televisions sold in the last few years come with a digital Freeview decoder already built-in.)  Most major electronic appliance stores can sell you a Freeview|HD (terrestrial) decoder box.

I have a satellite dish on my roof:

Currently, Firstlight is not available via Sky TV or Freeview satellite.  Firstlight plans to add satellite coverage as soon as our finances permit.  In the meantime, you may be able to utilise the UHF antenna on your roof (or have one installed) and use a Freeview|HD decoder box as detailed above.

Still not sure what you need?

Freeview recommends Clearvision Communications as their trusted nationwide TV antenna installers.  Give their friendly team a call on 0800 255 255 and get a quote on having a Freeview|HD system setup in your home.

For more information: