Watch Live and Catch-up

To Watch Live 

  • Click on the mute indicator to get sound.
We invite you to try our NEW Catchup Service:
Have a look underneath the Live screen below then...
  • Choose a Day.
  • Choose an Hour.
  • Then use the scroll slider to find the start of the program you would like.  (Please note that the Catchup service runs in one hour slots.  This means that if a programme on Firstlight TV started on the half hour you will need to scroll WITHIN the relevant hourly slot to find the start of the programme about half way in.  The remaining half of the programme will be at the start of the later time slot.)
  • Click on the mute indicator to get sound.
If the live screen does not come up, please have a look at the tips below
  • For Firefox - if you do not see any catch up icons at the bottom of video, click on the shield in URL line and turn off blocking for this site.
  • Check your firewall settings.
  • To view the above in full screen click here.