Welcome to Firstlight Broadcasting Network

The Firstlight channel is broadcasting nationally 24/7 via the Freeview|HD (UHF terrestrial) network on Channel 26.

Firstlight is run by a team of dedicated volunteers with the common mission to proclaim God's love throughout New Zealand. Firstlight aims to broadcast the best selection of ground-breaking Christian programs sourced from 3ABN, Amazing Facts, It Is Written and other international and local sources as they become available.

While our programs are based on Christian principles, we believe the program topics will be of great interest to the general public and not just limited to a Christian audience.

Program Schedule

Check out this week's Program Schedule to see what is showing and what is coming up on Firstlight.

Highlights for this week and the forthcoming week.....

By popular demand we are re-screening...
"The Beamable Sustainable Princes" - Prof Walter Veith

Prof. Walter Veith explores the issue of sustainable development and the fascinating history of England's crown and its forfeiture to a religious power.  History has startling answers as to why an agenda of worldwide control is being foisted on Earth's inhabitants.  Since this is a particularly long presentation, there is a 4 minute break after approximately an hour and ten minutes.

On air twice this week:

  • Sunday night 19th October at 7:30pm
  • Thursday 23rd October at 10:30am.

The Sabbath sermon at the divine hour - 11:00am 25th October - is a brand new and excellent series - "Mega Trends" presented by Gerhard Padderatz.  Don't miss it!

By popular demand we are re-screening...

Robber of the Cruel Streets

Documentary about the life of the remarkable George Muller who rescued orphans from the streets of Bristol in England in the 1830's.

Will be on air twice at the following times:

  • Sunday night 26th October at 7:30pm
  • Thursday 30th October at 10:30am.

Highly Recommended

Phillip Sizemore's "No GMO's for me please"

  • Saturday 25th October at 4:00pm
  • Sunday 26th October at 9:00pm
  • Thursday 30th October at 12:00 noon
  • Friday 31st October at 1:00pm

The film - "A Lamp in the Dark"
We have had a lot of feedback from our viewers about this excellent film with many requests for us to broadcast this again.  We will screen it again soon so please keep an eye on our schedules and we will try to announce it here ahead of broadcasting it as well.  It is difficult to find a suitable time to broadcast this film as it has a PGR rating and is three hours long (!!)  However, it is a very intriguing documentary of the history of the Bible so we will do our best to accommodate all the viewer requests that have come in! 

New changeover time.....

We have been working on what we believe will be a good improvement to Firstlight's programming.  Instead of the changeover to the next in a series ocurring on a Sunday, we have reworked things so that this changeover in schedules takes place on a Sabbath day (Saturday).  Previously we changed to the new week of program schedules at twelve midnight on a Saturday night, we are now changing over at twelve midnight on a Friday night.  (Rest assured that doing this with our present systems does not entail anyone having to work during the Sabbath hours.)  Effectively this change means that the Sabbath day is the day when the next in a series will be screened.  It will then be repeated at various other times during that week until the next Saturday, when the next in the series will be shown.  This makes the Sabbath day the best day for viewing and the high day in our scheduling as it should be!  :>)

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A Milestone reached.....

Firstlight was launched at 6pm on the 17th September 2012.  It is amazing how quickly the time has flown!  In fact almost a month has already passed since our second birthday!!  Thank you to all of you for your prayers and your financial support - both of which have kept Firstlight going.  We know that God is using Firstlight to touch the hearts and minds of many people here in New Zealand.  We receive both emails and letters daily from those who find Firstlight a blessing.  If Firstlight is a blessing in your life, please consider making a donation to help keep Firstlight on air.  Thank you so much!

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