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Daily Schedule for Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM The Prophetic Picture Children of the East Shahbaz B.
01:00 AM Exalting His Word Life Affirmations Shelley Quinn
01:30 AM Creation Scapes Creation Scapes N/A
02:00 AM Battles of Faith Star Wars Atonte & Ivor Myers
02:30 AM Media on the Brain How to Escape the Pleasure Trap Scott Ritsema
04:00 AM Complete Restoration Babylon is Fallen Dan Wilson
05:00 AM Abundant Living Preventing Power Surges Curtis & Paula Eakins
05:30 AM It Is Written Rome & The Reformation John Bradshaw
06:00 AM Native New Day Ambush on God's Love Monte Church
06:30 AM The Unhindered Gospel Something or Someone Daniel Pel
07:15 AM Lineage 1 Episodes 1-2-3 Adam Ramdin
07:30 AM Kid's Time - Tiny Tots Jesus is Joy Aunty Linda
08:00 AM Steps to Life When Winners Become Losers John Grosboll
08:30 AM Receiving the Word Faith Like Noah Part 2 Chris Buttery
09:00 AM Landmarks of Prophecy The Final Firestorm Ps. Doug Batchelor
10:30 AM Revelation of Jesus Christ The New Jerusalem Kenneth Cox
11:30 AM Classic Sermons The Scarlet Woman of Prophecy Joe Crews
12:00 PM Refracted Glory Refracted Glory David Rives
01:00 PM The Scottish Covenanters The Scottish Covenanters N/A
02:00 PM Testimonies Jayd Wynn Firstlight
02:15 PM Anchors of Truth Into Eternity Future Ty Gibson
03:15 PM A Closer Look The Second Time Around Ps. Randy Skeete
04:00 PM Wilderness Adventures Wilderness Adventures Janice Smith
04:30 PM The Three Angels' Message Mystery, Babylon the Great Ps. Stephen Bohr
05:30 PM The Whole Truth In the World or of the World 1 Ps Chris Buttery
06:00 PM God So Loved the World Summer 03 Mike Lemon
06:30 PM It Is Written - Canada The Trinity Part 7 Ps Chris Holland
07:00 PM It Is Written Rome & The Reformation John Bradshaw
07:30 PM Total Onslaught A Woman Rides the Beast Walter Veith
09:00 PM Issues and Answers Cyber Predators & Bullying Shelley Quinn
09:30 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor The Hero of Revelation Part 1 Doug Batchelor
10:00 PM Five Hundred Tell it to the World - William Miller & Prophecy John Bradshaw
11:00 PM Oneness in Christ The Most Convincing Proof Shawn Brummund