Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Adventist Frontier Missions In the Land of the Upright People N/A
12:30 AM Abrahams Other Sons The Protestant Reformation Rudy Harnisch
01:15 AM Healthy Living Back Pain & Arthritis Margot Marshall
01:45 AM Receiving the Word Rules, Restrictions & Freedom Parts 1 & 2 Fred Dana
02:45 AM Hopelives365 Revelation 4 & 5 Mark Finley
03:45 AM Creation Scapes Best of Creationscapes N/A
04:00 AM 3ABN Today What Does the Bible Teach About Rings 3ABN Panel
05:00 AM Amazing Facts Bible Answers Live Jean Ross & Carlos Munoz
06:00 AM Thompsonville SDA Church The Not So Secret Recipe Ryan Day
07:00 AM Choose Wisely Loving Jesus' Way Steve Nelson
07:30 AM Cook 30 For Kids Creamy Corn & Chickpea Chowder Jeremy Dixon
08:00 AM Books of the Book - Acts Saul & Barnabas Sent Mark & Jim Howard
08:30 AM AIG - Answers News Yale Professor Makes Shocking Suggestion for Old People AIG Answers Panel
09:00 AM Christianity & Islam The Cross and Salvation Dr T George
09:30 AM Village SDA How to Run a Microfarm Chris DiCicco
10:30 AM Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism Reclaiming Missing Members Jean Ross
11:15 AM Give Me the Bible - Judgement Christ Our Mediator Kenneth Cox
12:15 PM Autumn Leaves Power of God Doug Hurley
01:00 PM Creation Scapes Whiter Than Snow N/A
01:15 PM Red Bluff SDA He Has Risen Conrad Vine
02:30 PM Cook 30 Chickpea Satay Jeremy Dixon
03:00 PM Receiving the Word Say Yes to The Dress Part 1 Dean Cullinane
03:30 PM Secrets Unsealed Are Drums Good S Bohr & D Miranda
04:00 PM Janice's Attic Perseverance Janice Smith
04:30 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor The Glorious Kingdom Doug Batchelor
05:00 PM Salvation in Symbols & Signs 2020 Daniel Two Part 2 Rafferty & Myers
05:30 PM Amazing Facts in Auckland 7 Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus - 4 Doug Batchelor
06:30 PM 3ABN Panel 3ABN Sabbath Study Hour 3ABN Panel
07:30 PM Amazing Facts Turning Your Trials into Triumph Part 2 Doug Batchelor
08:30 PM White Horse Media Jesus Christ's Earthly Work Steve Wohlberg
09:30 PM The Preparation Ministry Did God Already Decide Who Would Be Saved or Lost Renier Horn
10:00 PM Better Life Today The Life of Joseph-Part 13 Jeanette Stark
10:30 PM In Search of the Truth Crossing Over Charles Byrd
11:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery Twisted Life - Part 2 Host Cheri Peters