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Daily Schedule for Sunday, October 24, 2021

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM The Path Back to God's Throne Homeward Bound Clayton Leinneweber
01:00 AM Best of British The Relevance of Genesis AIG Speakers
02:00 AM Lake City SDA Standing on the Premises Brendan White
03:00 AM Testimony Dan Millares Adverum
03:15 AM Better Life One Jot or Tittle Louis Torres
03:45 AM White Horse Media Reversing Diabesity Steve Wohlberg and Jack McIntosh
04:15 AM Wonders Without Number Secrets of the Ancients David Rives
04:45 AM Discover Total Health Discover Total Health pt 1 Rob McClintock
05:45 AM Landmarks of Prophecy Marked for Death Ps. Doug Batchelor
07:15 AM White Horse Media Is the Vax the Mark Part 2 Steve Wohlberg & Tim Saxton
07:45 AM His Words Are Life 2 Ch 11-5 - 2 Ch 15-7 Kelly Mowrer
08:00 AM 3ABN Panel 3ABN Sabbath Study Hour 3ABN Panel
09:00 AM Faces of Grace Amazing Grace Joel Kratzke
10:00 AM Stop Worrying Today Stop Worrying Today Mark Finley
11:00 AM In the Footsteps of Paul When Paul got Stoned Tony Moore
11:30 AM Jacob Tells His Story Sold By His Brothers Francois du Plessis
12:00 PM Gods Prophetic Chain Fire, Lions & Deliverance Ps. Stephen Bohr
01:00 PM 3ABN Virtual Summer Camp Meeting Covenant Son & Surety Shelley Quinn
02:00 PM Message of the Month Four Steps to Eternal Life Christian Berdahl
03:00 PM The Shaping Factor Agents of Reconciliation Daniel Pel
04:00 PM Seams of Gold What Are You Worth Doug Hurley
04:45 PM Hope Through Prophecy How to Study The Bible-8 Steps Dustin Pestlin
05:00 PM God So Loved The World Summer 02 Mike Lemon
05:30 PM Amazing Facts Should You Break A Promise to the Devil Doug Batchelor
06:30 PM Firebell in the Night Firebell in the Night Part 8 Hal Mayer
07:30 PM Revelation of Love The Science of Soul Winning David Machado
08:45 PM Secrets Unsealed Genesis 3-6 & Genesis 7-13

Stephen Bohr & James Rafferty

09:15 PM The Prophetic Code Intro to the Prophetic Code Tony Rykers
10:15 PM Summit 2020 Three Interconnected Doctrines Stephen Bohr
11:15 PM Autumn Leaves Leaves Only Shane Cowan