Firstlight Programme Schedule

Daily Schedule for Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM His Voice Today When God Judges His Church Steve Wohlberg
12:30 AM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
01:00 AM Anchor School of Theology Secondary Evidence of a Prophet Ps Stephen Bohr
02:00 AM From Crete to Malta From Crete to Malta - Part 4 Prof. Walter Veith
04:00 AM Revelation Today in Charlotte The Mystery of Death (Deadly Delusions) Ron Halvorsen
05:00 AM Native New Life When the Rocks Cry Out Monte Church
05:30 AM The Incredible Journey Nicodemus - The Night Visitor Gary Kent
06:00 AM Is The Reformation Finished Justification, Authority & the Priesthood Tim Rumsey
06:30 AM Great Controversy God's True Kingdom J Grosboll
07:00 AM The Appointed Time Waiting Upon God Ps Chris Holland
07:30 AM Kids' Time Praise Music Brenda Walsh
08:00 AM Sac Central Study Hour - Matthew Humanity & Divinity Combined Larry Kirkpatrick
09:00 AM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor The Angry Christian Doug Batchelor
09:30 AM Righteousness by Faith What is Possible for Us? Dennis Priebe
10:30 AM Timely Stories from the Word of God Judah Among Twelve David Salazar
11:30 AM Creation Scapes Creation Scapes N/A
12:00 PM Womens Ordination Subordinate But Equal Ps Stephen Bohr
01:00 PM Laymen's Ministries Interview of Pastor Johnson from India Jeff Reich
01:30 PM God So Loved the World Spring Mike Lemon
02:00 PM The Atheist God The End Oscar Sande
03:00 PM Let's Cook Together Rawsome Lunch Jeff & Nancy Riedesel
03:30 PM Books of the Book - Matthew Peters Confessions Glenn Russell & Ranko Stefanovic
04:00 PM Kid's Time God's Holy Word Brenda Walsh
04:30 PM The Unknown God Strange Fire Part 2 Daniel Pel
05:00 PM Adventist Frontier Missions The Alangan Story N/A
05:30 PM A Line of Distinction The Power of Value Ps. Randy Skeete
06:30 PM The Good The Bad and The Positively Confusing The Good the Bad and the Positively Confusing Jennifer White
07:30 PM The Prophetic Picture Light On My Path Shahbaz B.
08:30 PM Anchors Of Truth 21 - Called, Chosen & Faithful Wretched, Miserable, Justin Torrossian
09:30 PM Receiving the Word To No Avail Chris Buttery
10:00 PM Anchor School of Theology Secondary Evidence of a Prophet Ps Stephen Bohr
11:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery Recovery as a Family Host Cheri Peters