Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM His Voice Today The Mark of the Beast & Gethsemane Steve Wohlberg
12:30 AM Lifestart Seminars Lose Weight Naturally Dr David DeRose
01:00 AM Anchor School of Theology The Risk of Eternal Loss Ps Stephen Bohr
02:15 AM Genesis Conflict The Genes of Genesis pt 2 Prof. Walter Veith
03:00 AM Good News Health Lowering Cholesterol Naturally Dr Milton Teske
04:00 AM AIG - The Foundations Always Ready Apologia Ken Ham
05:00 AM Abundant Living Controlling Cholesterol Curtis & Paula Eakins
05:30 AM The Incredible Journey Chernobyl Lethal Legacy Gary Kent
06:00 AM The Mountain of Moses Mt Sinai in Arabia Ryan Mauro
06:30 AM Great Controversy Signs of the Times J Grosboll
07:00 AM It Is Written - Canada - Beyond Questions What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus Ps Chris Holland and Ps John Bradshaw
07:30 AM Kids' Time Praise God's Grace & Favor Brenda Walsh
08:00 AM Undoctrinated School is Dead Scott Ritsema
09:15 AM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor The Mystery of the Trinity Doug Batchelor
09:45 AM On the Road Ross Patterson The Abomination of Desolation Ross Patterson
10:45 AM The Struggle is Real Step 6 Temptation Lo-Ammi Richardson
11:15 AM Cook 30 Curried Zucchini Fritters Jeremy Dixon
11:45 AM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
12:00 PM Journey Interrupted Journey Interrupted N/A
01:00 PM Ancient Mysteries Discoveries in Lost Civilisations Gordon Gosset
02:00 PM ABC of Prayer Communication Jesus' Way Glenn Coon
03:00 PM Practical Truth for Our Days The Imagination Eugene Prewitt
04:00 PM Ask the Animals Without This Animal You Will Die Matthew Priebe
05:00 PM Short Childrens Stories Buffy Keri Hall
05:30 PM The Godhead Christology During the Dark Ages Mike Bauler
06:30 PM Firebell in the Night Firebell in the Night Part 5 Hal Mayer
07:30 PM Revelation The First and Second Angel Renier Horn
08:30 PM Anchors of Truth 9 - Winds of War War No More CA Murray
09:30 PM Anchor School of Theology The Risk of Eternal Loss Ps Stephen Bohr
10:45 PM Oh God Why Won't You Reveal Yourself? Oh God Why Won't You Reveal Yourself? Sebastian Lorenz
11:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery I tell you these things before they happen Host Cheri Peters