Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Saturday, February 24, 2024

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Amazing Facts Bible Answers Live Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
01:00 AM Clash of Minds The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree Francois du Plessis
01:30 AM Practical Truth for our Day - 2 Laodicia The Last Christian Church-Part 3 Eugene Prewitt
02:00 AM Village SDA Discovering God's Will - The Handwriting of Providence Ron Kelly
03:00 AM The Creation Case The Flood Rich Aguilera
03:30 AM Most Important Questions What is God's Will for My Life Doug Batchelor
04:30 AM Pathway to Paradise The Woman in the Wilderness Tim Rumsey
05:30 AM Receiving the Word Dust or Diamonds Part 1 Mike Thompson
06:00 AM Secrets Unsealed The Temple Still Exists Stephen Bohr, CA Murray & David Salazar
06:30 AM Anchors Of Truth 26 - The Revelation of Whom Mirror Mirror Pastor Lee Venden
07:30 AM Newstart Now Nutrition NEWSTART
08:15 AM Creation Scapes Best of Creationscapes Creation Scapes
08:30 AM Starting with Jesus King at Last Starting with Jesus
09:00 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs Rekindle the Flame Rafferty & Myers
09:30 AM Receiving the Word Generation X David Hudgens
10:00 AM 3ABN Panel 3ABN Sabbath Study Hour

3ABN Panel

11:00 AM Revelation's Final Warning Thrust in Thy Sickle & Reap Carlos Munoz
12:00 PM Native New Health Understanding Diabetes Ed Dunn and Gina Guiboche
12:30 PM Light Bearers for the Last Days Dressed for Success Tim Matsis
01:30 PM Revelation of Jesus Christ - Revelations From God's Throne Our Economy on the Brink Kenneth Cox
02:30 PM A False View 07 Stewardship Andreas Mellas
03:30 PM Clash of Minds The Hidden Treasure - Part 1 Francois du Plessis
04:00 PM God So Loved The World Summer 02 Mike Lemon
04:30 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor The Supreme Sacrifice Doug Batchelor
05:00 PM Gods Final Call The Structure of Prophecy P2 Mark Woodman
05:45 PM Creation Scapes Heaven Creation Scapes
06:00 PM Amazing Facts The Sin that Conquers Kings - Part 3 Doug Batchelor
07:00 PM White Horse Media Are You Robbing God Steve Wohlberg
07:30 PM What's Up Prof Sunday Proposal, Sooner Than We Think

Walter Veith & Martin Smith

08:30 PM It Is Written Clearing the Fog - Understanding Depression John Bradshaw
09:00 PM Hubchat Project 2025, Sunday Laws, Mark of the Beast, Revelation 13 Samuel Tucker
10:00 PM White Horse Media Dark Waters - Parts 1 & 2 Steve Wohlberg
11:00 PM The Incredible Journey Hostage Hero Gary Kent
11:30 PM Your Bible Questions Answered Who is Ellen White Pastor Marvin Clark & Chuck Austin