Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM A Greater Lust A Violent Vice Scott Ritsema
01:00 AM Heather Anderson We Have an Enemy Heather Anderson
01:15 AM Doug Batchelor Update Doug Batchelor Update 11 Ps Doug Batchelor
01:30 AM It Is Written Great Chapters of the Bible Hebrews 11 John Bradshaw
02:00 AM Secrets Unsealed Is Celebrating Easter OK CA Murray & D Miranda
02:30 AM AIG - Answers News Have We Found Dragon Fossils AIG Answers Panel
03:00 AM Amazing Facts Bible Answers Live Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
04:00 AM Healed by His Wounds Jesus Arrested Francois du Plessis
04:30 AM Lineage Episodes 9-10-11 Adam Ramdin
04:45 AM Better Life Today The Life of Joseph-Part 4 Jeanette Stark
05:15 AM Village SDA Affirmation Theology, the Cross & the Judgment Ron Kelly
06:00 AM The Incredible Journey Love at the Taj Gary Kent
06:30 AM Abundant Living Triple Berry Crisp Curtis & Paula Eakins
07:00 AM Panorama of Prophecy The Miraculous Oil Doug Batchelor
08:30 AM Books of the Book - Acts Day of Pentecost Pt1 Mark & Jim Howard
09:00 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs The New Jerusalem Rafferty & Myers
09:30 AM War of Thrones The Rise of Mystery Babylon Daniel Pel
10:30 AM Unveiling Revelation The Dragon & the Beast Part 1 Carlos Munoz
11:30 AM What's Up Prof Spiritual Gifts Walter Veith & Martin Smith
01:00 PM Belt of Truth The Media Mind - Part 10 Scott Ritsema
01:30 PM The Prophetic Picture What We Have In Common Shahbaz B.
02:00 PM Testimony Shannon Joli Revelation18
02:30 PM Stone SDA About Our Fathers Business Part 2 Dwayne Lemon
03:30 PM Nutrient Connection Living for a very Long Time A Oscar Sande
04:00 PM Gods Connected Kids Caring For Animals Jackie Freeman
04:30 PM 3ABN Today Biblical Encouragement for a Single Mum 3ABN Panel
05:30 PM New Heart Revival A Body of Believers Doug Batchelor
06:30 PM Receiving the Word Be Utterly Astounded Brett Stebbins
07:00 PM Who's Rockin the House Who's Rockin the House Part 1 Dr Ricky Little
07:30 PM Adventure Prof Let There Be Light Walter Veith & Henry Stober
09:00 PM COMPASS The True Cause of Disease Part 2 Barbara O'Neill
10:00 PM Amazing Facts Bible Answers Live Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
11:00 PM Anchors of Truth 10 - The Truth as it is in Jesus About His Salvation Ron Halvorsen