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Daily Schedule for Monday, July 26, 2021

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Summit 2019 Preaching Against Witch Doctors Kameron DeVasher
01:00 AM Amazing Facts 7 Deadly Myths in Christianity - Part 4

Scott Ritsema

02:00 AM Adventist Frontier Missions One Sabbath in Benin N/A
02:30 AM ABC of Prayer The Prayerology of Jesus Glenn Coon
03:30 AM Receiving the Word Did DNA Make Me Do It Chris Buttery
04:00 AM Give Me the Bible - Judgement The Great White Throne... Kenneth Cox
05:00 AM The Shadow of His Wings The Mystery of God Tim Rumsey
06:00 AM A Line of Distinction Sue Me Ps. Randy Skeete
07:00 AM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor When a Christian Falls Doug Batchelor
07:30 AM Kid's Time Paul's First Missionary Journey Brenda Walsh
08:00 AM Ancient Mysteries No More Night

Gordon Gosset

09:00 AM Light Unshackled Descent into Darkness Philip Mills Jr
09:30 AM Fountainview - Great Controversy Great Controversy 4 Hosted by John Bradshaw
10:00 AM Hands On Series But a Little Sinner Oscar Sande
11:00 AM 11am at Ilam The Curse of Depression & Anxiety Neil Nedley
12:15 PM Creation Scapes Seasons Wonders N/A
12:30 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery Miracle Meadows Host Cheri Peters
01:30 PM Steps to Life How to Stay Well Heavenly Light John Grosboll
02:00 PM Country Wisdom Marriage 101

Jim Ayer & Janice Nelson

02:30 PM Better Life Today Stories of Faith Douglas Garcia
03:00 PM 3ABN Sabbath Study Rest in Christ

3ABN Panel

04:00 PM Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus Wants Us to Learn Aunty Linda
04:30 PM Decoding Communication Boys & Girls, Men & Women Jeff Reich
05:00 PM Amazing Facts Country Living Doug Batchelor
05:30 PM Amazing Discoveries Africa Little Things with Big Consequences

Martin Smith

06:00 PM Answers In Genesis Creation Hour Replacing Darwin Dr Nathaniel Jeanson
07:00 PM It Is Written Boosting Your Brain John Bradshaw
07:30 PM Armageddon History of Armageddon Doug Hurley
08:30 PM Earth's Final Countdown The Rapture

Dr Duane McKey

09:30 PM Health For A Lifetime Steps to Setting Goals Don Mackintosh
10:00 PM Hope Awakens Night The Next Superpower John Bradshaw
11:00 PM Studies in Matthew Matthew 24 & the False Prophet Ps. Stephen Bohr