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Daily Schedule for Monday, January 18, 2021

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Week of Prayer with the Nebblett Family The Lost Art of Greatness The Nebblett Family
01:00 AM Revelation Now Earths Last Empire Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
02:30 AM Creation Scapes Seasons Wonders N/A
02:45 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs 2020 Daniel Seven Part 1 Rafferty & Myers
03:15 AM 3ABN Worship Hour Gods Blueprint of Salvation Ryan Day
04:15 AM Give Me the Bible - The Holy Spirit Fruits of the Spirit Kenneth Cox
05:15 AM How to Trust God in Difficult Times How to Trust God in Difficult Times Cami Oetman
05:45 AM Science of Overcoming Sin Part 4 of 6 David Shin
06:15 AM Lineage Episodes 19-20 Adam Ramdin
06:30 AM It Is Written - Canada What does it Mean to be a Christian

Mike and Rene Lemon

07:00 AM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor Is My Christianity Real Part 1 Doug Batchelor
07:30 AM Kid's Time Esther's Powerful God Brenda Walsh
08:00 AM Revelation of Love Fishers of Men Part 1 David Machado
09:00 AM Revelation Today in Charlotte The Mark of the Beast Ron Halvorsen
10:00 AM His Words Are Life Luke 13-34 Kelly Mowrer
10:15 AM Battles of Faith The Art of Focus Atonte & Ivor Myers
10:45 AM Who Is Jesus Jesus, the Son of God

Ryan Day

11:45 AM Creation Scapes Prayer N/A
12:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery 4 Season 4 - Girl's Night Out Host Cheri Peters
01:00 PM Beyond Addiction How Drugs Work Together Ps Adrian Webster
01:30 PM Exalting His Word Boot Camp for Eternity Shelley Quinn
02:00 PM Cook 30 Tarka Dahl Jeremy Dixon
02:30 PM Sac Central Study Hour Isaiah-Sac Central Sac Central Pastors
03:30 PM Help in Daily Living God's Plans, the Best Hosted by Mike Lemon
04:00 PM Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus' Little Lamb Aunty Linda
04:30 PM War of Thrones Can the Dead Speak to Us Daniel Pel
05:30 PM The Incredible Journey Standing in the Circle Gary Kent
06:00 PM Answers In Genesis Creation Hour The Uniqueness of Man Dr Stuart Burgess
07:00 PM It Is Written Overcoming Obesity John Bradshaw
07:30 PM Doctrine Matters Doctrine Matters Doug Hurley
08:30 PM Minding Your Mind Minding Your Mind Lela Lewis and Panel
09:30 PM The Incredible Journey The Slave Trader Gary Kent
10:00 PM The Mysteries Revealed Peace on Earth John Bradshaw
11:00 PM Trials & Triumph Smyrna - The Persecuted Church Ps Stephen Bohr