Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Monday, July 22, 2024

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Pathway to Paradise DESTROYED The Power of Sin Broken Tim Rumsey
01:00 AM Help in Daily Living Plans for the Future Hosted by Mike Lemon
01:30 AM Better Life Today Change Jeanette Stark
02:00 AM Have You Swallowed the Hook No Evidence of Creation Thomas Bentley
03:00 AM 3ABN Worship Hour Why Do Christians Worship on Sunday Shelley Quinn
04:00 AM It Is Written USA Line Upon Line - Series 3 - 4 John Bradshaw & Wes Peppers
04:30 AM What's Up Prof 201 - Thy Kingdom Come

Walter Veith and Martin Smith

06:15 AM Creation Scapes Misty Mountain Majesty Creation Scapes
06:30 AM Revelation of Love Clearing the Candidate David Machado
07:30 AM 3ABN KIDS 3 Angels for Kids Second Angel's Message Dr Sandy & Miss Yvette
08:00 AM AWR Amazing Prophecies A River Runs Through It Kyle Allen
09:00 AM Revelation Now Angel Warfare Ps Jac Colon
10:00 AM Faith and Prayer Abundant Wisdom Gem Castor
11:00 AM Hidden Heroes Rescuing the Jews Various
12:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery 4 Break Through the Meth Host Cheri Peters
01:00 PM Hopelives365 Daniel 6 Mark Finley
01:45 PM Creation Scapes My Fathers World Creation Scapes
02:00 PM Pathway to Paradise The Nature of Man Tim Rumsey
03:00 PM Country Wisdom Trapped in Slavery Jim Ayer & Janice Nelson
03:30 PM Pathway to Peace Faith & Acceptance Tim Rumsey & David Salazar
04:00 PM 3ABN KIDS Creation is Science Air Pressure 3ABN KIDS
04:15 PM 3ABN KIDS X-Press Demonstrating Discipline 3ABN KIDS
04:30 PM Let's Cook Together Easy Breakfast Angela Lomacang
05:00 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor A Woman in the Wilderness Doug Batchelor
05:30 PM White Horse Media God's Last Message to His Church - Part 3 Steve Wohlberg & Rob Knott
06:00 PM BREAKING NEWS Or previous What's Up Prof� Various
07:30 PM Revelation Today in Charlotte The Mystery of Death (The Occult) Ron Halvorsen
08:30 PM Amazing Facts The Flames of Justice Doug Batchelor
10:00 PM Unravelling Revelation - Part 18 Bruce Telfer
11:00 PM Pathway to Paradise The Model Home - Part 2 Tim & Stacey Rumsey
11:30 PM Creation Scapes Heaven Creation Scapes