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Daily Schedule for Friday, November 16, 2018

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Riddles in Stone Washington DC N/A
01:45 AM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
02:00 AM One Sabbath in Benin One Sabbath in Benin N/A
02:30 AM Everlasting Gospel Spirit Filled Music Doug Batchelor
03:30 AM The Book of Acts Journey to Rome Doug Batchelor
04:30 AM Forever Free Ministries Jesus Wants to be Wanted Mark Fox
05:30 AM Revelation Today - Charlotte Revelation's Time of the End Ron Halvorsen
06:30 AM Gods Prophetic Chain En Route to a New World Order Ps. Stephen Bohr
07:30 AM Cook 30 For Kids Thai Carrot Cakes Jeremy Dixon
08:00 AM Lineage 17 Episodes 47-48 Adam Ramdin
08:15 AM Discovering Good Health Exercise That Works Barbara O'Neill
09:15 AM Counsel for the Heart Dealing With Anger Junie Lawson
09:45 AM The Godhead Christology During the Dark Ages Mike Bauler
11:00 AM Thunder in the Holy Land Jesus Chooses His Church Charles Byrd
11:30 AM Practical Truth for Our Days Preparation for the End Times Part 1 Eugene Prewitt
12:30 PM Cook 30 Season 20 Beetroot Risotto and Others Jeremy Dixon
01:00 PM Your Bible Questions Answered Who is Ellen White Pastor Marvin Clark & Chuck Austin
01:30 PM Undoctrinated Home Education Scott Ritsema
02:30 PM GMI Eden Restored Part 1 John & Kimberley Dinsley
03:00 PM His Way Is In The Sanctuary Disappointment in the Sanctuary Ps Stephen Bohr
04:00 PM Kids' Time Paul's First Missionary Journey Brenda Walsh
04:30 PM Landmarks of Prophecy Dream of the Ages Ps. Doug Batchelor
06:00 PM The Book of Acts Journey to Rome Doug Batchelor
07:00 PM Help in Daily Living The Love of Jesus Hosted by Mike Lemon
07:30 PM Amazing Discoveries The Vanity of a Life Without God Part 2 Andreas Mellas
09:00 PM Classic Sermons What and Where is Hell Pt. 2 Joe Crews
09:30 PM It Is Written Father Forgive John Bradshaw
10:00 PM Portraits of Jesus Our Liberating Lord Ps Adrian Webster
11:00 PM Native New Day Our Creators Care Monte Church
11:30 PM Creation Scapes Creation Scapes N/A