Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Saturday, December 10, 2022

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Revelation Seminar Christ's Glorious Return Brian Hall
12:45 AM Creation Scapes Peace Like a River N/A
01:15 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs America in Prophecy Rafferty & Myers
01:45 AM Pathway to Paradise The Just Shall Live By His Faith - Part 4 Daniel Miranda
02:45 AM AIG - Answers News Beware, They're Coming for your Children AIG Answers Panel
03:15 AM Village SDA A Lost Dog & the Inhumane Society Ron Kelly
04:15 AM Weimar University Week of Prayer - Part 5 Jorge Baute
05:15 AM Receiving the Word Except Ye See Signs... Fred Dana
05:45 AM Secrets Unsealed Tithing Stephen Bohr & Daniel Miranda
06:15 AM Amazing Facts Bible Answers Live Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
07:30 AM Battles of Faith The Art of Counter Crucifixion Atonte & Ivor Myers
08:00 AM Receiving the Word The Providences of God Part 2 Mike Thompson
08:30 AM Starting with Jesus The Growing Church Starting with Jesus
09:00 AM Earths Final Countdown_12 The Rapture Dr Duane McKey
10:00 AM 3ABN Panel 3ABN Sabbath Study Hour 3ABN Panel
11:00 AM Hope Awakens Night A Matter of Trust John Bradshaw
12:00 PM Panorama of Prophecy Commands of the King Doug Batchelor
01:30 PM Pathway to Paradise The Open Book Part 1 Tim Rumsey
02:30 PM Heather Anderson Summer Surprises Out of a Picnic Basket Heather Anderson
03:15 PM Creation Scapes Golden Days of Summer N/A
03:30 PM GMI The Sanctuary Pathway-Part 4 Karen Styer
04:00 PM Earth's Approaching Crisis Marked or Sealed Tim Rumsey
05:00 PM Thursday Live Myth or Fact Part 1 Steve Wohlberg
06:15 PM Unlocking Bible Prophecies Nicodemus and the Penalty of Sin Chris Holland
07:00 PM Better Life Today The Calendar Change and the Sabbath Charlie Oliver & Larren Cole
07:30 PM What's Up Prof Arise and Shine Walter Veith & Martin Smith
09:00 PM The Prophetic Code Who Is the Antichrist Part 1 Tony Rykers
10:00 PM Zechariah - Part Three Indepth Bible Study Walter Veith
11:00 PM Books of the Book - Galatians Bearing One Another's Burdens Mark and Jim Howard
11:30 PM Digital Disconnect The High Priests of a New Religion Scott Ritsema