Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Thursday, May 26, 2022

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Creation vs Evolution Part 1 Barend Nieuwstraten
12:45 AM Creation Scapes Prayer N/A
01:00 AM Celebrating Life in Recovery Marriage With Some Rocks Part 2 Host Cheri Peters
02:00 AM Better Life Today Bread of Life Club Douglas Garcia & Mike Carter
02:30 AM Classic Sermons The Historic True Church Joe Crews
03:00 AM Revelations Ancient Discoveries Revelations Last Appeal Mark Finley
04:00 AM Revelation of Jesus Christ - Revelations From God's Throne The Seven Trumpets Kenneth Cox
05:00 AM Village SDA Authority Ron Kelly
06:00 AM The Preparation Ministry The Greatest Battle Chantell Horn
06:30 AM Before Mt Sinai Law of Love and Liberty Before Mt Sinai Law of Love and Liberty David Shin
07:30 AM Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus is My Friend Aunty Linda
08:00 AM A False View 09 The Elijah Message Andreas Mellas
09:00 AM Sabbath School Study Hour SSSH-Genesis Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
10:00 AM IIW Canada Journeys of Hope Mike & Rene Lemon
10:30 AM Little Light Studios The Great Star Wars Controversy Little Light Studios
11:00 AM Take Charge Of Your Health Depression & Mental Health John Bradshaw
12:00 PM Healthy Living Cholesterol & Mental Performance Margot Marshall
12:30 PM Pathway to Paradise Ministries Fire from Heaven Tim Rumsey
01:00 PM Revelation's Final Warning My Body, His Glory David Shin
02:00 PM Lake City SDA Onesiphorus Brendan White
02:30 PM Creation Scapes Prayer N/A
03:00 PM Country Wisdom The Fragrance of Christ Jim Ayer & Janice Nelson
03:30 PM Battles of Faith The Black Hole Atonte & Ivor Myers
04:00 PM 3ABN KIDS Creation is Science Up Close 3ABN KIDS
04:15 PM 3ABN KIDS Camp Singalong God's Got You 3ABN KIDS
04:30 PM Belt of Truth The Media Mind - Part 9 Scott Ritsema
05:15 PM Cook 30 Breakfast 1 Jeremy Dixon
05:45 PM White Horse Media Is the Vax the Mark Part 1 Steve Wohlberg & Tim Saxton
06:15 PM War of Thrones The Rise of Mystery Babylon Daniel Pel
07:30 PM Revelation Speaks Hope Unlocking Revelations Mysteries Brian McMahon
09:00 PM Salvation in Symbols & Signs The 144000 Pt 2 Rafferty & Myers
09:30 PM Secrets Unsealed Changing the Truth into a Lie Part 2 Stephen Bohr
10:30 PM Armageddon History of Armageddon Doug Hurley
11:30 PM It Is Written Overcoming Obesity John Bradshaw