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Daily Schedule for Friday, April 23, 2021

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM What's Up Prof? Apocalypse Conspiracy

Walter Veith & Martin Smith

01:30 AM Creation Scapes Seasons Wonders N/A
01:45 AM A New Creation Part 1 Anchor Point Films
02:45 AM Finding the Fountain of Youth Protecting Your Brain Diane Burnett
04:30 AM The Stories of Daniel The Test of the Image Mike Bauler
05:30 AM How to Die Right & Live to Tell About It True Confessions Dr Clarence & Dianna Schilt
06:00 AM On the Road Taihapi Noahs Ark Ross Patterson
07:00 AM In Search of the Truth The Good News about Hell Charles Byrd
07:30 AM Kid's Time Pick Up the Cross and Follow Me Brenda Walsh
08:00 AM Righteousness by Faith Forgiveness Morris Venden
08:30 AM The Struggle is Real Step 2 Conviction Lo-Ammi Richardson
09:00 AM Testimony Samuel Adverum Prod - Journeys
09:30 AM I'd Like to Know Sabbath for Christians CA Murray & Stephen Bohr
10:00 AM Receiving the Word Repairers of the Breach 5a Chris Buttery
10:30 AM Ancient Mysteries Countdown to Eternity Gordon Gosset
11:30 AM IIW Canada It Is the Right Time Now Mike & Rene Lemon
12:00 PM Beyond Tomorrow Finding Rest Daniel Pel
01:00 PM The Good The Bad and The Positively Confusing What a Body Needs Jennifer White
01:45 PM Summit 2020 He Sits Before He Stands Stephen Bohr
02:45 PM Your Bible Questions Answered How Can Paul Say That? Pastor Marvin Clark & Chuck Austin
03:15 PM Power of the Lamb The War in Heaven Ivor Myers
04:30 PM Creation Scapes Genesis N/A
05:00 PM The Prophetic Picture Islam, A Prophetic Picture - Part 2 Shahbaz B.
06:00 PM Sac Central Study Hour The Promise-Sac Central Sac Central Pastors
07:00 PM The Incredible Journey Along The Rabbit Proof Fence Gary Kent
07:30 PM Revelation Now The Woman of Truth Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
09:00 PM GMI The Sanctuary Pathway-Part 6 Karen Styer
09:30 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor The King Returns P1 Doug Batchelor
10:00 PM On the Road Taihapi Noahs Ark Ross Patterson
11:00 PM The Seventh Day The Seventh Day 11 Hal Holbrook
11:30 PM Testimony Samuel Adverum Prod - Journeys
11:45 PM Creation Scapes Seasons Wonders N/A