Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Thursday, August 18, 2022

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Bruce Telfer Unravelling Revelation - Part 8 Bruce Telfer
12:30 AM Creation Scapes Genesis N/A
01:00 AM Celebrating Life in Recovery 3 Life Beyond the Bars Cheri Peters
02:00 AM Better Life Today When Angels Came to Church D Garcia & Sayuri
02:30 AM Classic Sermons The Saddest Story in the Bible Pt. 1 Joe Crews
03:00 AM Revelation of Love Arise and Go David Machado
04:00 AM Revelation of Jesus Christ - Final Events Ten Kings Kenneth Cox
05:00 AM Village SDA Defining 21st Century Womanhood Ron Kelly
06:00 AM Agnosticism and Pan Process 1 Agnosticism and Pan Process 1 Subodh Pandit
06:30 AM Revelation Today in Charlotte History's Greatest Religious Cover-up Ron Halvorsen
07:30 AM Tiny Tots for Jesus Parents Take Care of Me Aunty Linda
08:00 AM Delightful Cooking North American, Home on the Range Micheff Sisters
09:00 AM 3ABN Panel 3ABN Sabbath Study Hour 3ABN Panel
10:00 AM IIW Canada The Benefits of Singing Scripture Mike & Rene Lemon with Craig Cleveland
10:30 AM Let's Cook Together Breakfast Idalia Dinzey
11:00 AM Womens Ordination Subordinate But Equal Ps Stephen Bohr
12:00 PM Healthy Living Charcoal Margot Marshall
12:30 PM Here I Stand The Legacy The Legacy
01:00 PM Amazing Facts The Prophetic Fall of Americanism Scott Ritsema
02:15 PM Old Mountain Remedies How to Develop an Effective Lifestyle Plan Part 2 Walt Cross
03:00 PM Country Wisdom Dragons & Dinosaurs Jim Ayer & Janice Nelson
03:30 PM Battles of Faith The Science of the Forgotten Beast Atonte & Ivor Myers
04:00 PM 3ABN KIDS Creation is Science New Heights 3ABN KIDS
04:15 PM 3ABN KIDS Camp Singalong Faithful Father 3ABN KIDS
04:30 PM Christianity & Islam The Bible and the Incarnation Dr T George
05:00 PM Testimony Samuel Adverum Prod - Journeys
05:15 PM Let's Cook Together Breakfast Idalia Dinzey
05:45 PM Nature's Lesson Book The Impala Ps Greg Evans
06:15 PM The Dimensions of Gods Love The Length of Gods Love Robert Pannekoek
07:15 PM Lineage-Season 2 Episodes 51-52 Adam Ramdin
07:30 PM Revelation Speaks Hope Bible Secrets to Good Health Brian McMahon
09:00 PM Salvation in Symbols & Signs The Sixth Trumpet Rafferty & Myers
09:30 PM Who Cares About Christian Standards The Ripple Principle Ps Stephen Bohr
10:30 PM Unlocking Bible Prophecies Is Hell Real - The One Thing that Christians Don't Understand About Hell Cami Oetman
11:30 PM It Is Written The Hero John Bradshaw