Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM God So Loved the World Winter 02 Mike Lemon
12:30 AM Pillars of our Faith In the Sanctuary C A Murray
01:30 AM The Incredible Journey Battle of the Alamo Gary Kent
02:00 AM Adventist Frontier Missions Life on the Line End it Now N/A
02:30 AM George Opiyo Can Gods Word Be Trusted Part 2 George Opiyo
03:00 AM Receiving the Word Run For Your Life Ps Chris Buttery
03:30 AM Gods Final Call Who is the Antichrist? Mark Woodman
05:00 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs The Second Angel's Message Rafferty & Myers
05:30 AM It Is Written Great Chapters of the Bible John 6 John Bradshaw
06:00 AM Agents of Change Agents of Change Taj Pacleb
06:30 AM End Time Delusions Tribulation Delusions Steve Wohlberg
07:30 AM Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus is King Aunty Linda
08:00 AM Revelation Speaks Hope Revelation Saints a Peculiar People Brian McMahon
09:30 AM Revelation of Jesus Christ - Three Angel's Messages Second Angel's Message Kenneth Cox
10:30 AM The Key of the Gospel GYC 2015 David Shin
11:30 AM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
11:45 AM Mordecai Mordecai Francois du Plessis
12:00 PM GMI Red Avenir Interview Walter & Sonica Veith Daniel Centeno
02:00 PM Battles of Faith Moved by the Spirits Atonte & Ivor Myers
02:30 PM Anchors Of Truth 24 - A Heritage Worth Remembering Ellen White the Person Jim Nix
03:30 PM Native New Day The Book of Heaven Monte Church
04:00 PM Kid's Time God's Goodness and Mercy Brenda Walsh
04:30 PM Wonders Without Number Fingerprint of God David Rives
05:00 PM Steps to Life When Winners Become Losers John Grosboll
05:30 PM Liberty of Conscience Threatened Held by Them in Common - Is the Deadly Wound Healed Hal Mayer
06:30 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor Who Is Jesus Doug Batchelor
07:00 PM Practical Truth for Our Days Justice & Mercy - Pt 2 Eugene Prewitt
07:30 PM 3ABN - 5 Days Stop Smoking Day 1 Dr Arthur Weaver
08:30 PM Sapphire Throne Media God's Enduring Love for You Eric Garloff
08:45 PM Adventist Frontier Missions Life on the Line End it Now N/A
09:15 PM FAQ Is Jesus Christ, Michael the Archangel

Paul Godfrey

10:00 PM Quo Vadis Test of Discipleship Anthony Baca
11:00 PM Sac Central Making Friends for God Ps Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross