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Daily Schedule for Friday, June 23, 2017

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Broken to Breakthrough - Part 2 Broken to Breakthrough - Pt 2 Shepherd's Call
01:00 AM I, Paul I, Paul N/A
01:30 AM Amazing Facts Presents God's Health Plan Doug Batchelor
02:00 AM Native New Day The Gathering of the Nations Monte Church
02:30 AM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
02:45 AM Peter Peter 06 Ps Chris Buttery
03:45 AM Steps to Life - Wichita Last Sign J Grosboll
04:15 AM Issues and Answers Salvation Assurance Shelley Quinn
04:45 AM Discover Prophecy Who is the Real Israel? David Asscherick
06:00 AM The Mysteries Revealed Is There Hope for a Planet in Crisis John Bradshaw
07:00 AM Classic Sermons Riches of Grace - Prt 1 Joe Crews
07:30 AM Star Wars The Return of the Master Ps Chris Holland
08:00 AM Receiving the Word Unashamed Pt 3a Ps Chris Buttery
08:30 AM Curses & Blessings Curses & Blessings N/A
09:00 AM Media on the Brain Musical Manipulation Scott Ritsema
10:15 AM Cook 30 Dahalatoullie Jeremy Dixon
10:45 AM The Abortion Controversy Healing from Abortion Part 2 Steve Wohlberg
11:15 AM Discovering Good Health The Frontal Lobe Barbara O'Neill
12:15 PM Thunder in the Holy Land The Inheritance Charles Byrd
12:45 PM Decoding Communication Understand the Mind-Woman Jeff Reich
01:30 PM Landmarks of Prophecy The Woman of Truth Ps. Doug Batchelor
03:00 PM The Prophetic Code Life after Death Lyle Southwell
04:00 PM It Is Written See the Voice of God John Bradshaw
04:30 PM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
04:45 PM Twin Pillars of the Reformation Twin Pillars of the Reformation Prof. Walter Veith
06:30 PM Sabbath School Study Hour Peter Marshall McKenzie
07:30 PM Bible Convention 2017 America, The Beast & Prophecy Tim Saxton
08:30 PM Agents of Satan Satan's Attack Against the 10 Commandments Steve Wohlberg and Mark Howard
09:30 PM Amazing Prophecies The Return of Elijah Mark Fox
10:30 PM Anchors of Truth What is Your Picture of God? Hiram Rester
11:30 PM Star Wars The Return of the Master Ps Chris Holland