Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

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Weekly Schedule for Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Series  ▾ Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sabbath
3ABN KIDS Camp Singalong
3ABN KIDS Creation is Science
3ABN Panel
3ABN Virtual Fall Camp Meeting
Abundant Living
Adventist Frontier Missions
Amazing Facts
Amazing Facts Amazing Adventures
Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor
Amazing Sanctuary
Anchor 2021
Ancient Mysteries
Angel's 1 Message
Answers In Genesis Creation Hour
Better Life Today
Celebrating Life in Recovery
Classic Sermons
Creation Scapes
Digging up the Past
Digital Disconnect
Earths Final Countdown_08
Earths Final Countdown_09
Gods Connected Kids
Health For A Lifetime
Health and Healing 2004
Help in Daily Living
Hour of the Witch
IIW Canada
In Search of the Truth
In the Footsteps of Paul
It Is Written
Janice's Attic
Little Light Studios
Minding Your Mind
Moody Science Classics
Native New Day
Neil Nedley
On The Road 2020
Panorama of Prophecy
Preparing to Meet God
Prophetic Secrets of the New World Order
Quo Vadis
Receiving the Word
Revelation Now
Revelation Today in Charlotte
Revelations Ancient Discoveries
Sabbath School Study Hour
Salvation in Symbols & Signs
San Francisco Central SDA Church
Secrets Unsealed
Starting with Jesus
Stone SDA
That You May Know
The 2 Mysteries Collide
The Abortion Controversy
The Great Reset
The Incredible Journey
The Parables Of Jesus
The Prophetic Code
Thompsonville SDA Church
Thunder in the Holy Land
Tiny Tots for Jesus
Unlocking Bible Prophecy
What's Up Prof
Wonders Without Number