Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Weekly Schedule for Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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3ABN KIDS Camp Singalong
3ABN KIDS Creation is Science
3ABN Panel
Abundant Living
Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor
Anchor 2021
Ancient Mysteries
Awakening the Conscious Mind
Battles of Faith
Be Found in Him
Belt of Truth
Better Life Today
Burnout, Allergies and the Famous Five
Celebrating Life in Recovery 3
Classic Sermons
Cook 30
Country Wisdom
Creation Scapes
Creation to Re-Creation
Digging up the Past
Friday Night Live
GMI Finding Jesus Today in Daniel
God's Character & The Final Generation
Gods Final Call
Healthy Living
IIW Canada
It Is Written
Lake City SDA
Let's Cook Together
Lineage-Season 2
Living in the Judgment Hour
Most Important Questions
Nature's Lesson Book
Philip Sizemore
Receiving the Word
Revelation Speaks Hope
Revelation Today in Charlotte
Revelation of Hope
Revelation of Jesus Christ - Three Angel's Messages
Revelation of Love
Revelation's Final Warning
Revelations Ancient Discoveries
Revived by the Spirit
Sabbath School Study Hour
Salvation in Symbols & Signs
Secrets Unsealed
Soquel 2018
Starting with Jesus
Stone SDA
Tares Among the Wheat
The Incredible Journey
The Mysteries Revealed
The Preparation Ministry
The Prophetic Code
The Three Elijahs
Thompsonville SDA Church
Thunder in the Holy Land
Tiny Tots for Jesus
Unlocking Bible Prophecies
Village SDA
What's Up Prof
White Horse Media
Women in Ministry
Your Bible Questions Answered
Zoom International Prophecy School