Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

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Weekly Schedule for Friday, April 23, 2021

Series  ▾ Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sabbath
A Day With the King
A New Creation
AD Africa
Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor
Ancient Mysteries
Answers In Genesis Creation Hour
Beyond Tomorrow
Called in Dark Times
Celebrating Life in Recovery 5
Cook 30 For Kids
Creation Scapes
Exalting His Word
Finding the Fountain of Youth
Give Me the Bible - Was, Is Not, Yet is
Gods Temple of Truth
Hartland Convocation
Healed by His Wounds
Health For A Lifetime
Healthy Living
Highest Claim
His Words Are Life
Hope Awakens Night
How to Die Right & Live to Tell About It
How to Study the Bible
I'd Like to Know
IIW Canada
In Search of the Truth
It Is Written
Kid's Time
Laymen's Ministries
Lexington SDA Church
Life vs Teachings
Lineage-Season 4
Lineage-Season 5
On the Road Taihapi
Pillars of our Faith
Power of the Lamb
Prophetic Certainty
Quo Vadis
Receiving the Word
Revelation Now
Revelation of Hope
Revelations Ancient Discoveries
Righteousness by Faith
Sabbath School Study Hour
Sac Central Study Hour
Steps to Christ in Song
Summit 2020
Survivor Series
The Book of Acts
The Good The Bad and The Positively Confusing
The Incredible Journey
The Mysteries Revealed
The Preparation Ministry
The Prophetic Code
The Prophetic Picture
The Seventh Day
The Stories of Daniel
The Struggle is Real
The Two Paths
Thompsonville SDA Church
Thunder in the Holy Land
Tiny Tots for Jesus
Unlocking Truth - Ten Commandments
What's Up Prof?
Who Cares About Christian Standards
Wonders Without Number
Your Bible Questions Answered