Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Revelation of Love A Heavier Cross David Machado
01:00 AM Celebrating Life in Recovery 3 Life Beyond the Bars Cheri Peters
02:00 AM 3ABN - Spotless Covenant Confirmation & Renewal Shelley Quinn
03:00 AM Village SDA Money, Money, Money Conrad Vine
04:30 AM Revelation of Jesus Christ - Final Events The Scarlet Beast Kenneth Cox
05:15 AM Thompsonville SDA Church Suddenly John Lomacang
06:30 AM Autumn Leaves He Emptied Himself Sam Braga
07:30 AM 3ABN KIDS Creation is Science In the Clouds 3ABN KIDS
07:45 AM 3ABN KIDS X-Press VBS Inviter 3ABN KIDS
08:00 AM Lexington SDA Sleeping at Midnight Norm McNulty
09:00 AM Truth Matters Deciphering Daniel 9

Matthew Schanche & Mackenzie Drebit

10:00 AM Creation Scapes Seasons Wonders Creation Scapes
10:30 AM San Francisco Central SDA Church God's Treatment for Worry & Anxiety Pastor Mark Ferrell
11:30 AM Lake City SDA Satan's Attack on God's Law Chuck Brannaka
12:30 PM Jacob Tells His Story The Ladder of Hope Francois du Plessis
01:00 PM It Is Written A Day to Remember John Bradshaw
01:30 PM Panorama of Prophecy Proving the Prophets Doug Batchelor
03:00 PM Better Life Today The Book of Daniel Part 2 Jeanette Stark
03:30 PM It Is Written USA Line Upon Line - Series 2 - 4 John Bradshaw & Eric Flickinger
04:00 PM Rev 18 Insights The Pathway To Freedom - Part 2 Ratu Cokanasiga
04:30 PM The Creation Case New or Old Rich Aguilera
05:00 PM Let's Cook Together Oriental Dishes Jeff & Nancy Riedesel
05:30 PM Hope International Camp 2025 Shut the Door Chris Hudson
06:30 PM Columbia SDA The Gods of Egypt Hiram Rester
07:30 PM The Great Reset The Unseen Enemy John Bradshaw
09:00 PM Salvation in Symbols & Signs Laodicea Pt2 Rafferty & Myers
09:30 PM Pathway to Paradise The Testimony of Jesus Christ Tim Rumsey
10:30 PM Gods Final Call All Roads Lead to Rome Part 1 Mark Woodman
11:30 PM Practical Truth for our Day - 2 Justice & Mercy - Pt 2 Eugene Prewitt