Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM White Horse Media Reversing Diabesity Steve Wohlberg and Jack McIntosh
12:30 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs Introduction to the Trumpets Pt3 Rafferty & Myers
01:00 AM Receiving the Word It's Getting Late Willie Johnson
01:30 AM Soquel 2018 The Hour of His Judgment Is Come Steve Wohlberg
02:15 AM Creation Scapes Golden Days of Summer N/A
02:30 AM Revived by the Spirit True & False Revival Mark Finley
03:30 AM Ancient Mysteries No More Night Gordon Gosset
04:30 AM Living in the Judgment Hour The Great Controversy Unmasked Dr Norm McNulty
05:15 AM Creation Scapes Best of Creation Scapes - A N/A
05:45 AM Revelation of Hope If there is only One God Taj Pacleb
07:30 AM Creation to Re-Creation Mankind Day 6 Nicolene Filmalter
08:00 AM Anchor 2021 The Therapeutic Tree of Life Ps Stephen Bohr
09:00 AM Belt of Truth The Media Mind - Part 14 Scott Ritsema
09:30 AM Revelations Ancient Discoveries Revelations World of Tomorrow Mark Finley
10:30 AM Unlocking Bible Prophecies The 2nd Coming of Jesus - The Bible reveals COVID19 is a Sign Cami Oetman
11:30 AM Revelation of Jesus Christ - Three Angel's Messages United States Kenneth Cox
12:30 PM God's Character & The Final Generation Humanity & Divinity Combined Larry Kirkpatrick
01:30 PM Hubchat Boost Your Immunity Dr Joyce Choe & Mercy Ballard
02:30 PM Cook 30 Asian Jeremy Dixon
03:00 PM Receiving the Word He Walked Among Kings Chris Buttery
03:30 PM Better Life Today Born This Way - Part 2 Charlie Oliver & Wayne Blakely
04:00 PM Most Important Questions Can I Break the Sin Cycle Doug Batchelor
05:00 PM The Mysteries Revealed Is There Hope for a Planet in Crisis John Bradshaw
06:00 PM Abundant Living The Cancer Fighters Curtis & Paula Eakins
06:30 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor Deadly Visions Doug Batchelor
07:00 PM Healthy Living The Most Important Antioxidant Margot Marshall
07:30 PM Revelation Today in Charlotte Our Day in Bible Prophecy Ron Halvorsen
08:30 PM Zoom International Prophecy School Neuroplasticity & Mind Transformation Julie & John Clark
09:45 PM Awakening the Conscious Mind The DNA of God Esmie Branner
10:45 PM Lineage-Season 2 Episodes 30-31-32 Adam Ramdin
11:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery 3 The Healing Value of Food Cheri Peters