Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Monday, March 30, 2020

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM The Mysteries Revealed The Day That Disappeared John Bradshaw
01:00 AM No Excuses In The Days of Noah Phillip Sizemore
02:00 AM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
02:15 AM Complete Restoration The Hour of His Judgment Dan Wilson
03:15 AM Living His Life A Gift From God Ps Randy Skeete
04:00 AM Scripture Discoveries The USA in Bible Prophecy Ross Patterson
05:30 AM Thunder in the Holy Land Battle with an Angel Charles Byrd
06:00 AM His Voice Today Millennial Madness Part 1 Steve Wohlberg
06:30 AM 3ABN Kickin' the Habit Triggers Raginee Edwards
07:00 AM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor Back to Jerusalem Doug Batchelor
07:30 AM Kid's Time Mistaken for Gods Brenda Walsh
08:00 AM Answers In Genesis Creation Hour Communicationg the Christian Religion Ken Ham
09:00 AM Religious Liberty in the Age of Trump Let's Make America Great Ps Stephen Bohr
10:00 AM Healthy Living Stress & Hypercholesterolemia Margot Marshall
10:30 AM It Is Written Conspiracy Theory Flat Earth John Bradshaw
11:00 AM The Classroom of the Remnant A Parent's Best Curriculum 3 Joshua White
12:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery Teen Challenge Pt 2 Host Cheri Peters
01:00 PM Remodeling your Life Becoming Fireproof Jim Ayer
01:30 PM Health For A Lifetime Digestion Don Mackintosh
02:00 PM Native New Health The Environment & Your Health Ed Dunn and Gina Guiboche
02:30 PM Daniel From the Lions Den to�. Doug Batchelor
03:30 PM God So Loved the World Winter 01 Mike Lemon
04:00 PM Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus Wants Me to Be Willing Aunty Linda
04:30 PM From Sickness to health Physical & Spiritual Effects of Fasting Barbara O'Neill
05:15 PM Doug Batchelor Update Doug Batchelor Update 11 Ps Doug Batchelor
05:30 PM Quo Vadis Gospel of Grace Joel Kratzke
06:30 PM It's All About Jesus Life Change Mike Lemon
07:00 PM Good News For Muslims Visions and Dreams Steve Wohlberg and Shahbaz
07:30 PM The Weight Connection Morning Session Part 2 Oscar Sande
08:30 PM Media on the Brain The Spirit of the Music Industry Scott Ritsema
09:45 PM Testimony Billy Koster Firstlight
10:00 PM The Whole Truth Sinner or Saint - Part 1 Ps Chris Buttery
10:30 PM Complete Restoration The Hour of His Judgment Dan Wilson
11:30 PM The Incredible Journey Monopoly Gary Kent