Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Saturday, December 14, 2019

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Prophetic Certainty The Seventh Husband Tim Rumsey
01:00 AM Eat To Live Growing Healthy Children Sue Radd
01:30 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs The 144000 Pt 3 Rafferty & Myers
02:00 AM Foundations of Faith The King Returns Doug Batchelor
03:00 AM Great Controversy A Godless Country J Grosboll
03:30 AM Digging Up The Past Nineveh Discovered Francois DuPlessis
04:15 AM Lineage Episodes 38-39-40 Adam Ramdin
04:30 AM The Prophetic Picture What We Have In Common Shahbaz B.
05:00 AM Moments of Peace Moments of Peace N/A
05:30 AM Your Bible Questions Answered Female Angels Pastor Marvin Clark & Chuck Austin
06:00 AM Finding the Fountain of Youth Protecting Your Brain Diane Burnett
07:30 AM How to Die Right & Live to Tell About It How to Die Right Dr Clarence & Dianna Schilt
08:00 AM Books of the Book - Matthew Triumph and Marriage Glenn Russell & Ranko Stefanovic
08:30 AM A Day With the King Josiah the Boy King Natalee McLean & Cecily Harker
09:00 AM Anchor School of Theology Difficult Statements Ps Stephen Bohr
10:00 AM Ezra & Nehemiah Violating the Spirit of the Law Luccas Rodor
11:00 AM Revelation of Love God's Challenge to the World David Machado
12:00 PM Kingdom Come Kingdom Come N/A
12:30 PM The Book of Daniel Part 3 Ryan Johnson
01:30 PM God So Loved the World Summer 03 Mike Lemon
02:00 PM Earth's Final Crisis Earth's Final Crisis Steve Wohlberg
03:00 PM The Appointed Time Liberation Part 1 Ps Chris Holland
03:30 PM Here I Stand The Miner's son The Miner's son
04:00 PM Kids' Time Praise Music Brenda Walsh
04:30 PM It Is Written Effective Prayer John Bradshaw
05:00 PM Receiving the Word Attitude of Gratitude Chris Buttery
05:30 PM Hands On Series Watching Peter Oscar Sande
06:30 PM The Incredible Journey The Book That Went to the Moon Gary Kent
07:00 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor The Richest Caveman Doug Batchelor
07:30 PM Why a Manger Christmas Concert 2018 Fountainview
08:30 PM Moody Science Classics Journeys to the Edge of Creation N/A
09:15 PM Lineage Episodes 38-39-40 Adam Ramdin
09:30 PM Revelation Today in Charlotte Babylon Rising Ron Halvorsen
10:30 PM Abundant Living Cause for the Pause Curtis & Paula Eakins
11:00 PM APF Overcoming Seminar Session 5 Chad Kreuzer