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Daily Schedule for Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Receiving the Word What You Think You Are - Part 1 Chris Buttery
12:30 AM Salvation in Symbols & Signs Thyatira Rafferty & Myers
01:00 AM The Parables Of Jesus Preparing the Way of the Lord Ps Chris Buttery
01:30 AM Amazing Facts If Jesus is Coming Soon What's Taking So Long Doug Batchelor
02:30 AM Newstart Causes of Diabetes Tim Arnott
03:30 AM Ancient Mysteries Masada and Jerusalem Gordon Gosset
04:15 AM Stone SDA About Our Fathers Business Part 1 Dwayne Lemon
05:45 AM Thompsonville SDA Church The Everlasting Gospel John Lomacang
07:30 AM Moody Science Classics Where the Waters Run Dr George Sweeting
08:00 AM Anchor 2021 Without an Intercessor Ps Stephen Bohr
09:00 AM The Abortion Controversy Biblical Defense Steve Wohlberg
09:30 AM Revelations Ancient Discoveries Revelations Star Wars Battle Mark Finley
10:30 AM 3ABN Virtual Fall Camp Meeting Turn Up Your Faith Jill Morikone
11:30 AM Angel's 1 Message Worship Him Who Made Pr John Anderson
12:30 PM San Francisco Central SDA Church Don't Hold Out-Surrender Pastor Mark Ferrell
01:30 PM The Prophetic Code The Symbol of the Sun Tony Rykers
02:15 PM Lineage Episodes 21-22 Adam Ramdin
02:30 PM Classic Sermons Is Baptism Really Necessary - Pt 1 Joe Crews
03:00 PM Receiving the Word What in the World is Going On P2 Chris Buttery
03:30 PM Native New Day The Land With No Fences Monte Church
04:00 PM Gods Connected Kids Caring For Others Jackie Freeman
04:30 PM In Search of the Truth The Rest of the Story Charles Byrd
05:00 PM Secrets Unsealed The Budding Fig Tree Ps Stephen Bohr
06:00 PM Abundant Living Curbing the Carbs Pt 2 Curtis & Paula Eakins
06:30 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor Back to Jerusalem Doug Batchelor
07:00 PM Wonders Without Number Fossils & The Flood David Rives
07:30 PM Health and Healing 2004 The China Study & Beyond 1 Dr T Colin Campbell
08:30 PM Testimony Christine Newman Firstlight
08:45 PM Unlocking Bible Prophecy Seven Seals of Revelation Louis Torres
10:00 PM On The Road 2020 Elijah & The Last Day Remnant

Ross Patterson

11:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery Rest with Rene Quispe Host Cheri Peters