Firstlight Programme Schedule (New Zealand time)

Daily Schedule for Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Adventist Frontier Missions 48 Hours in Africa N/A
12:30 AM Belt of Truth The Media Mind - Part 13 Scott Ritsema
01:00 AM The Seventh Day The Seventh Day 3 Hal Holbrook
01:30 AM Spiritual Treasure Chest The Millennium Bill Gates
02:30 AM AIG - Answers News Archaeologists Rewrite History With This Discovery AIG Answers Panel
03:00 AM Wonders Without Number Amazing Animals of the Great Ice Age David Rives
03:30 AM Creation Scapes Natures Splendor N/A
04:00 AM 3ABN Today Is it a Sin to Get Piercings & Tattoos 3ABN Panel
05:00 AM Amazing Facts Bible Answers Live Doug Batchelor & Jean Ross
06:00 AM Mountain Refuge Ministries The Sealing and Blotting Out of Sin for the Remnant 07 Karen Styer & Carol Zarska
06:45 AM Creation Scapes Seasons Wonders N/A
07:00 AM Better Life Today Kids Saved From Danger & Kids Witnessing D Garcia & Sayuri
07:30 AM Creation to Re-Creation The Sabbath Day 7 Nicolene Filmalter
08:00 AM Clash of Minds The Lost Sheep Francois du Plessis
08:30 AM Bruce Telfer Unravelling Revelation - Part 3 Bruce Telfer
09:15 AM Creation Scapes Prayer N/A
09:30 AM Village SDA The Prophet & the (New) Pioneers - Is There Not a Cause Ron Kelly
10:30 AM Amazing Facts-Eyedentity Conformed or Transformed - Part 1 Scott Ritsema
11:30 AM Give Me the Bible - The Apple of God's Eye The Back Door of the Church Kenneth Cox
12:30 PM Amazing Facts - Cover to Cover Seeing Jesus in Moses Doug Batchelor
01:30 PM San Francisco Central SDA Church End-Time Events-Matthew 24 Pastor Mark Ferrell
02:15 PM Lineage-Season 2 Episodes 39-40-41 Adam Ramdin
02:30 PM Cook 30 Asian Vietnamese Pho Noodles Jeremy Dixon
03:00 PM Receiving the Word The Risk Assessment Ps Chris Buttery
03:30 PM Secrets Unsealed I'd Like to Know CA Murray
04:00 PM Moody Science Classics Hidden Treasures Dr Irwin A Moon
04:30 PM Amazing Facts Doug Batchelor Spiritual Imposters Doug Batchelor
05:00 PM Salvation in Symbols & Signs 2020 Daniel Eight Part 2 Rafferty & Myers
05:30 PM Revelation of Hope Global Peace Taj Pacleb
06:30 PM 3ABN Panel 3ABN Sabbath Study Hour 3ABN Panel
07:30 PM Andreas Mellas Ephraim Andreas Mellas
08:30 PM Testimony Hungry for More - Jonas Journey Adverum Prod - Journeys
09:00 PM 3ABN Worship Hour It Takes Time John Lomacang
10:00 PM Better Life Today What Happens When We Die Jeanette Stark
10:30 PM Thunder in the Holy Land Back to Eden Charles Byrd
11:00 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery Liquids with James Moon Host Cheri Peters