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Daily Schedule for Monday, September 27, 2021

Time  ▾ Series Episode Speakers
12:00 AM Gods Prophetic Chain Let Us Bow Down and Worship Ps. Stephen Bohr
01:00 AM Lexington SDA Sleeping at Midnight Norm McNulty
02:00 AM ABC of Prayer Jesus in Your Shoes Glenn Coon
02:30 AM Adventist Frontier Missions Poni Province N/A
03:00 AM Receiving the Word Attitude of Gratitude Chris Buttery
03:30 AM Give Me the Bible - The Elijah Message Heaven is My Home Kenneth Cox
04:30 AM What's Up Prof Good Food - Good Health Walter Veith & Martin Smith
06:15 AM Creation Scapes Golden Days of Summer N/A
06:30 AM Practical Truth for Our Days Reason & Desire Eugene Prewitt
07:30 AM Gods Connected Kids Caring For The Environment Jackie Freeman
08:00 AM Be Found in Him Justified Pr Sam Braga
09:00 AM It Is Written Great Characters of the Bible - Noah John Bradshaw
09:30 AM God So Loved The World Spring Mike Lemon
10:00 AM Testimony Testimony - Part 2 Bill Gates
11:00 AM The Book of Romans Facing Lifes Trials Jeff Wehr
12:30 PM Celebrating Life in Recovery Rebuilding Life Host Cheri Peters
01:30 PM Lake City SDA Pirates on the Portside Brendan White
02:00 PM Country Wisdom Hiding from the Enemy Jim Ayer & Janice Nelson
02:30 PM Better Life Today When We See Angels D Garcia & Sayuri
03:00 PM 3ABN Panel 3ABN Sabbath Study Hour 3ABN Panel
04:00 PM Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus Wants Me to Be Gentle Aunty Linda
04:30 PM In the Footsteps of Paul From Tarsus to Jerusalem Tony Moore
05:00 PM Jacob Tells His Story 2 Estranged Brothers Reconcile Francois du Plessis
05:30 PM It Is Written Planet in Distress John Bradshaw
06:00 PM Answers In Genesis Creation Hour The Uniqueness of Man Dr Stuart Burgess
07:00 PM Secrets Unsealed Give Glory to God Part 1 Lo-Ammi Richardson
07:30 PM Thompsonville SDA Church To Have & to Hold On John Lomacang
09:00 PM Revelation Today in Charlotte Creation vs Evolution Ron Halvorsen
10:00 PM Principles of Sabbath Observance The Two Laws Stephen Bohr
11:00 PM The Path Back to God's Throne God's House Clayton Leinneweber