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By Shelley Quinn

Best known for her solid biblical teaching Shelley Quinn shares the greatest story ever told because it is His Story - the story of the Messiah. See how God progressively unfolded His everlasting covenant from Genesis to Revelation to make known the love story of the Messiah's mission.

Be prepared for many "aha" moments, particularly as an intimate portrait of Jesus Christ - the spotless Lamb of God - is unveiled through increased understanding of God's covenant language. You will stand in holy wonder of Jesus! 

The eye-opening story of Spotless is the end-time message of righteousness by faith that will stir your heart and enrich your life. God has provided a way for you to enjoy eternal life with Him. The choice is yours: will you accept His love and live in covenant relationship with Him, or will you reject His love and choose your own path?

"In the book Spotless, Shelley Quinn has done a masterful job in unpacking the biblical high points in God's plan of salvation through righteousness by faith, while taking the reader on a journey through the panorama of Scripture. An excellent read for those who want to mine the gold and taste the honey of God's covenants." - Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts.

"This book - Spotless, by Shelley Quinn - is a refreshing, comprehensive and biblical perspective on God's everlasting covenant and its relationship with righteousness by faith and the three angels' messages. I wish it the widest circulation." - Dr. David Shin, president of Ouachita Hills College and 3ABN Board Member.

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